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General Guidelines on the Protection of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights on the Site website

All contents of this website are the exclusive and confidential property of the owner and/or his assignees and/or third parties where indicated, and are protected by current national and international regulations regarding the protection of intellectual property rights and/or or Industrial.

The term “Site” refers to all content and technical-IT elements underlying the Site itself, including, by way of example and not limited to, the software that allows its operation and the related codes, the databases electronic documents, texts, photographs, animations, audio and video files regardless of the format, reproductions of brands, logos, etc., the technical solutions adopted, the graphic creations, the structure and any other part already created or to be created.

The term “Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights” relating to the Site is intended to refer to the set of rights recognized and protected by current national and international regulations, including – by way of example and not limited to, in relation to all states in the world and without any term – any right deriving from patents (including the right to file the relevant application), present or future copyrights, trademarks and/or service marks (whether registered or actually used by the Owner) , brands, commercial names, companies, know-how, domain names, databases and all related applications.

The term “Materials” refers to all contents of the Site represented – by way of example but not limited to – texts, images, graphics, files, software of all types, audio materials, videos, virtual animations, multimedia elements and /or hypertext, regardless of the formats, the media that contain them, the extension (by way of example and not limited to: mp3, wav, jpg, mpeg, gif, doc, etc), the size, the versions in use, the techniques used for their distribution and/or transmission.

The Materials published on the Site may not be used without obtaining prior written authorization from the Owner and/or those entitled to them who expressly reserve any form of reproduction and use and – unless such authorization is unreasonably denied in writing – must in any case :

  1. remain in their original format and, if reproduced, must always bear the proprietary or copyright or author information;
  2. do not involve use, in any capacity and for any purpose, for profit;
  3. cite the source, the author and/or owner of the rights to the Materials and the web address from which they were taken;

The use in any way and for any reason of Materials represented by legal texts (e.g. information, contractual conditions, etc.) published online on the Site is strictly prohibited. Any violation will be prosecuted according to the law. To insert materials published on the Site in collections and/or anthologies – including digital ones – it is necessary to request written authorization from the Owner.

Reproduction of Articles, Journalistic News and Press Reviews

The reproduction and use of the articles contained in the “News” section of the Site must comply with the provisions of articles 65 and 101 of Law 22 April 1941, n. 633 and subsequent amendments and additions, which provide: (art. 65) ”  articles of current affairs of an economic, political or religious nature, published in magazines or newspapers, or broadcast or made available to the public, and other materials thereof character can be freely reproduced or communicated to the public in other magazines or newspapers, including radio and television, if the reproduction or use has not been expressly reserved, provided that the source from which they are taken, the date and the name of the author are indicated, if reported  ”; (art. 101) “  the reproduction of information and news is lawful as long as it is not carried out with the use of acts contrary to honest practices in journalistic matters and as long as the source is cited . ”

Electronic Databases

All rights to any electronic databases present and accessible on the Site are reserved. Unless otherwise provided for, extraction, reproduction and any other use is prohibited, within the limits of the provisions of article 64- quinquies  and 64- sexies  of Law 22 April 1941, n. 633 and subsequent amendments and additions. On this point, please note that pursuant to Article 102- ter  of the aforementioned law, the legitimate user of the electronic database made available to the public cannot cause prejudice to the owner of the copyright or other related right to works or services contained in that bank. Furthermore, the legitimate user of a database made available to the public in any way cannot carry out operations which are in conflict with the normal management of the database or which cause unjustified prejudice to the creator of the database. The activities of extraction or reuse of insubstantial parts, evaluated in qualitative and quantitative terms, of the content of the database for any purpose carried out by the legitimate user.

Trademarks, Domain Names And Other Distinctive Signs

The brands, commercial names, logos, domain names and any other distinctive sign as well as all the contents, texts, images, software reported on this site, the color combinations, the selection of the structure, the management and the presentation of its contents are the exclusive property of the owner and/or its partners or assignees or assignees.

They cannot be used – for any purpose – without prior written consent. The distinctive signs published here cannot be used as Internet addresses and/or domain names for other websites, or as parts of such addresses and domain names, without prior written consent.

All intellectual and industrial property rights as provided for by national and international sector regulations are expressly reserved to the owners. In case of violation, the authors will be prosecuted according to the law.


For any clarification regarding the use of the Materials available on the Site and/or regarding the Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights regime, you can contact the  Gruppo Sistematica SpA manager at  

The Materials published on the Site have been carefully screened and analyzed, and have been processed with the utmost care. In any case, errors, inaccuracies and omissions are possible. With the exception of professional legal services provided online, the Owner cannot be held responsible – with reference to the Materials freely available on the Site – for errors and omissions nor for any reliance that the user places on the Materials.

Unless otherwise provided, the information contained in the Materials has an exclusively informative and updating nature and is not exhaustive, nor can it be understood as the expression of an opinion or an indication or assumption for the purpose of making decisions. The Owner cannot be held responsible for any action or omission carried out by users following the use of the information contained in the Materials without having previously requested specific information or an opinion on the matter from the Owner.

The user undertakes to scrupulously respect the conditions of use of the Materials available on the Site and to respect all Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights relating to them. The user will be personally liable for any illicit or harmful acts attributable to him, also granting the widest indemnity to the Data Controller in the event of behavior in violation of national and/or international regulations for the protection of Intellectual and/or Industrial Property – here fully referred to and applicable for anything not expressly provided for – infringes the rights of third parties in general.

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